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Urgent Online Same day Psychic readings by genuine psychic, same day readings start from only £16

Hello and welcome to Psychic Laura. Allow me to tell you a little about myself… My name is Laura, a natural clairvoyant, psychic tarot reader, Reiki Master, transformational relationship specialist and natural spiritual healer. One of my aims is to light your future path with my psychic and spiritual guidance. As an experienced psychic and tarot reader I call in the angels and my spirit guides that step forward, both yours and mine, while carrying out my psychic or psychic tarot readings. As a genuine and honest uk psychic and tarot reader, my aim is to guide you on all aspects of your life, minus health and pregnancy. With same day psychic readings available, all online psychic help is carried out as quickly and sensitively as possible. 
Please note there is no longer a need to book a same day reading before 2pm. If there is a space available you can book it at any time. My booking system will give you access to the soonest slot available for a reading with me, please click here to book a reading with me now  -------> Click! Same day readings from £16, Special offer readings from just £14

Not only do I offer a discreet and confidential service with all my psychic readings, but your feelings, concerns, problems as well as where they fit into your future is always at the forefront of my mind and will be considered when i carry out your reading. My psychic work is about you and no one else, i always give my full attention to my readings and the person requesting it. You are welcome to come back to me after your psychic reading, and ask me about anything that isnt clear enough.
 I offer a same day service for my psychic readings. These are available 6 days a week, not bank holidays or sundays- and although I do advise that you need to book by 2pm Monday to Friday, if you look at my booking page and I have a space available for your chosen reading then you can book it anytime!

Once you have booked a psychic reading with me you can be certain that you will get your reading on that day. The time slot is for guidance but I usually have the reading done within around 2 hours of your booked appointment, depending on the type of reading and the complexity of it.

To book with me on saturday I suggest that you book by noon, but again if i have a space available you can book it with me anytime. Same day psychic readings are not available on Sundays. When you book a same day psychic reading with me you can rest assured that you will receive your reading the same day. Same day psychic readings are priced very reasonably, from just £16 for a 1 question mini psychic reading. All other readings are normally completed within 3-4 days, but of course feel free to book a soonest slot for better vale and a swifter service for any of my psychic readings.. Sometimes problems just can’t wait, can they? I understand this only too well, and I am fully aware that these urgent situations occur, and this is why I offer my same day psychic and tarot readings via email.
My intention is the light your path ahead, giving guidance and helping you see the best way forward, highlighting the options and opportunities for you. Whether you require a guiding hand through my online or postal psychic readings, an online psychic tarot reading or relationship reading, my natural expertise is personalised for you. All of my readings are conducted by myself, not computer generated, giving careful consideration to every situation. I carry out all of my work as if you are sitting here in front of me, with a friendly and honest approach to every reading. 

While I use the tarot for the most of my work, I can also complete and of my psychic readings by pure clairvoyance. All psychic tarot readings are carried out as quickly as possible, normally within 3-4 days.With considerable experience and natural flair, I have been carrying out psychic readings for many years and by email for around 16 years.As a natural psychic and experienced angelic worker with considerable life experience, this enables me to identify with you and your problems on every level. Each and every client of mine is treated with compassion and sensitivity. We are all individual and your psychic reading will reflect this, as individual as you are. 

Not only have I studied the tarot in great depth, but I also hold diplomas in psychic development and tarot, reading on a spiritual and intuitive level and always from a light path. During my clairvoyant readings I can also draw on the guidance of the angelic energies, delivering every reading with careful consideration of the problems or questions at hand. I have many, many years or private practice within the psychic world under my belt, and I have always believed that every client is unique, being gentle but honest with each and every individual I work with. It is not helpful for you, nor I, to tell people what they want to hear. I work with, and have done for many years, worked with people from all walks of life with my psychic readings and spiritual work. And my aim continues to be to help guide you to see the way ahead a little more clearly! I hope to be able to guide you with one of my psychic or psychic tarot readings very soon and look forward to working with you!
All of my psychic readings are available both by email and by post. Postal readings are priced the same as my online readings. Offering genuine help for those in need, I use the tarot for most psychic readings, but can also complete psychic readings by pure clairvoyance if you prefer. Please ask about this when you order, and I will not use cards at all! My postal address is available on request. All of my psychic readings have a quick turnaround, which is generally within 3-4 days. I will answer your questions with honesty and compassion, with the opportunity for you to choose between tarot and pure clairvoyance. My guides will be called upon for their input into my work, with yours also often coming through too! 

My aim is to help unravel your mind, offering guidance in confusing or difficult situations, I am here to offer a supportive hand to help you through it via my psychic work, not to judge you in any way. With many years’ experience in this field, I will use all my skills to bring you honest, genuine and accurate readings

MY SAME DAY* EMAIL PSYCHIC & TAROT READINGS ARE  £16, £25 and £35 before 2pm Mon-Fri. *Saturday 12 noon

1 Question 
Genuine Psychic Reading, guidance by Pure clairvoyance or Tarot, approx 250 words 
2 Questions
Genuine Psychic Reading, guidance by Pure clairvoyance or Tarot, approx 500 words 
4 Questions Genuine Psychic Reading, guidance by Pure clairvoyance or Tarot approx 800 Words 

1 Question mini psychic tarot reading- approx 250 words- approx waiting time 3-4 days.
2 Questions psychic tarot reading- approx 500 words- approx waiting time 3-4 days.
4 Questions Special offer psychic reading approx 800 words -approx waiting time 3-4 days. £32

Relationship Reading 5 questions £40

This reading is my full relationship reading, explores all aspects of your relationship and helps guide you and your relationship forward. Clairvoyant Reading, Past, Present and Future Relationships. Up to 5 questions can be asked. This reading will look at the compatibility between an established or hoped for Couple, future benefits or problems of a relationship, any soul mate links, karma as well as answering your questions. I will need your partners first name and date of birth, or birth sign if asking about someone. (Fill in the additional details box on the order form). the reading can still be undertaken without this information but it does make it easier and more reliable.

 This reading is usually completed within 4-5 days.

All online psychic help is carried out as quickly as possible, same day psychic readings are available priced at £16 ,£25, £35  and my standard Mini reading is still available at £14 ( £9*) for the 1 question reading and £20 for the 2 question reading. They will be completed quickly with spaces ofthen available the same or next day.within 48 hours. All other readings are normally within4/5 days but you will often get a slot in my diary for the very next day when making your booking. I always try to get your psychic reading completed as soon as possible... If you need a very quick response I will do all I can to help you, but please make this known at the start. I am fully aware that some problems simply cannot wait and I will do all I can to cater for those urgent situations.This is why I offer my same day psychic and tarot readings by email.

I don't pull any punches and I do not believe in giving false hope I will help you to see a way forward through your troubles and I always look for a positive!  We all shape our own destiny but sometimes need a helping hand to get started. My turnaround on psychic readings is normally quick, as I know how important it is that you get a quick response, and I will endeavour to answer your questions with honesty and compassion, using clairvoyance and tarot. 

Psychic laura tarot cardsGenuine help for those in need. Psychic tarot readings are available to order online and you can place an order, ask your questions, and pay securely online. 

Same Day Readings

 1 Question Reading £16
 2 Question Reading £25
 4 Question Reading


3-4 Day Readings

£14 Reading...Click 

£20 Reading ....Click

£32  Reading ....Click

Psychic Tarot Readings are normally carried out within 3-4 days, but when you book you can choose the soonest space and that could be very soon. You will always get your reading on the day it is booked for. As I work alone and my readings are individual and not computer generated, there can be a short wait at times.. You will be advised if the wait will be longer for your reading, but I will always do my best to get  your reading to you as quickly as possible.